Paper Paradise offers a range of services to make it easy for customers to get professional results.


We offer quality laser cutting and engraving of a wide range of products on materials such as paper, wood and perspex.

-Gorgeous delicate Invitations

-Wedding stationery items such as menus, table numbers, "Mr & Mrs" or "Bride and Groom" words for tables or cake topppers

-Wood cut words for events or interior decoration, e.g. Faith, Hope & Love, Kindness etc.

-Custom cutting of words or designs available

-Engraving of photos or text for inspirational gifts, plaques, coasters etc.


We offer high quality printing on a wide variety of papers, with stylish designing services based on a highly organised design system that saves customers buckets full of money. We have spent literally thousands of hours setting up templates for almost every conceivable format, with such a huge variety of design and style choices that it is super easy to end up with a stunning design that suits your tastes and preferences without paying thousands in design costs.


Furthermore we offer a shape cutting service, with a humongous range of lovely cutting shapes that we have already set up and paid for, so you just pay for cutting costs and not the expensive setup costs. Our templates are well designed and planned so you don't have to worry about the technical stuff such as fitting into envelopes etc. Where neccessary they also include folding lines already to make your life even easier.

We also offer this service for designers and other businesses who need professional shape cutting done in any quantity. Whether it is invitation covers or pockets or vintage tags or hearts or wedding favour boxes and bags etc. etc., we have stylish cutting templates already set up, with all the practical considerations already taken care of. We can cut any of our shapes from any paper in the shop.


Then we also offer an envelope making and printing service, so if the paper you love is not available in envelopes, we can probably make you envelopes of it if the paper is available in the size and quantities you need. We have the ability to print on envelopes before they are made, which allows for solid side to side and back printing, a designer's dream!

For this unique service you can contact us at or call us on 084 682 0727 to discuss your special order.  Low minimums apply.