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Paper Paradise is all you need for your wedding stationery, or any other event's presentation and invitations.
Our handcrafted invitations set new standards for quality workmanship, with a rapidly expanding range of premanufactured embossed and die cut options to further compliment the huge range of options, styles and price categories we already have.
We can help you in a variety of ways: you can let us make the whole invitation, you can make everything yourself, you can choose from a huge range of readymade options, and you can choose whether you would like us or yourself to do the printing. We can help you make it yourself, if you buy your material from us, we will help you with all the tips and tricks you need to know to make it look professional. Same applies to your menus, hymn sheets, seating arrangements, thank you cards, small "thank you" gifts bags etc., we can make it for you or help you make it yourself.

With our new website you will be able to order a wide range of papers, decorations etc online for making it yourself, BUT you can also order completed invitations from our online shop, where you will have options ranging from complete handmade and printed invitations to pre-cut "readymade invites", as well as DIY sets.

Whether you choose to visit one of our shops or to order online, we have it all:

Vintage Invitations

The popular Vintage style lends itself to many varieties, much of it can be achieved with the correct choice of graphics, fonts and design for printing, but if it is used creatively in combination with cutting shapes/formats of cards and the right choice of quality papers you can only end up with a superior vintage invitation.

Luxury Invitations

We have the world's finest papers, luxurious handmade papers, delicate papers, all kinds of high quality papers. Use them in conjunction with quality embossing, lace, diamanté or other luxurious embellishments, assembled with care and seasoned craftsmanship, and you have invitations and stationery that gives the receiver the feeling of luxury, that that you took great care to make them feel specially invited!

Embossed Invitations

Embossing is one of the easiest ways to add striking elegance and visual appeal to your invitations. It gives that rich, expensive look, but with Paper Paradise embossed invitations won't cost you a fortune. Visit our online shop to see our ever expanding range. We have put some of our most popular invitations in our online shop and gallery, but if you want it in another colour of paper, please contact us for a custom made embossed invitation.

Elegant Invitations

Understated Elegance is always a popular style, it never goes out of fashion. If you want invitations or wedding stationery that whispers your message rather than shout for attention, try our understated elegant invitations or contact us with your own ideas.

Stylish Designer Invitations

Our designers love to find new, creative and stylish ways to say "You are invited..."

Choose from our most popular designs online or contact your nearest branch for a free appointment to help you design the invitation you have always dreamed about.

Readymade Invitations

We have a huge range of "readymade" pre-cut and folded invitation covers, pockets, and more. Made from the world's most beautiful handmade and designer papers, our readymade range makes it easy for you to just add printed inlays and decorations. You can also contact us to do the printing for you, and/or choose from our range of quality printing papers, metallic and pearl papers and decorations or embellishments.

Wedding Stationery

We can help you with all your wedding stationery needs. From table numbers to hymn sheets to menus to seating arrangements to thank you cards and more. We have sets available in our online shop, but you can also order them custom made to match invitations you ordered from us.

DIY Sets

Paper Paradise makes it easy for you to make your own invitations. We have assembled DIY sets of our popular invitations, with pre-cut covers/pockets, printable inners, decorations and instructions and a photo to make sure you get it right. Getting that professional Paper Paradise finished look to your invitations while having fun making at home has never been easier! What's more, DIY sets can be prepared for most of the invitations on our site! Contact us at with your request and we'll go out of our way to try and help you.


Lasercut Invitations NOW AVAILABLE!


Of course if you actually visit one of our shops you will have even more choices, since there are more than 600 types of paper to choose from, in a myriad of styles and shapes as well as a huge range of decorative elements etc.

CONSULTATION WITH ONE OF OUR DESIGNERS IN STORE IS FREE OF CHARGE! Why not make it worth your while and order the whole lot in one visit, it saves you time and you get the same colour and style of your theme running right through all your wedding stationery.





DON"T let it say:


"I don't have taste"


"I don't care about my wedding"!


Your wedding is something incredibly special.

Tell the world about it in style: Get beautiful invitations from Paper Paradise.

THERE ARE THOUSANDS MORE OPTIONS, this is just a small sample range.

MORE WILL BE ADDED REGULARLY, but it takes time. Please check back regularly or contact us if you want something that is not on the page.

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